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  • Lessontrax Golf Quiz
  • Lessontrax Golf Quiz
  • Lessontrax Golf Quiz

Lessontrax Golf Quiz

Lessontrax is a golf-specific scheduling system. Gone are the days where you would have to juggle calendars, contact books, spreadsheets, and documents across multiple devices. Lessontrax allows you to track, schedule, manage and invoice lessons all on one device.

For the month of March, Blitzgear targeted the golfers demographic with a general golf knowledge quiz. LessonTrax conducted a quiz campaign throughout the month to assist in data capture, generate engagement, and build brand awareness.

This campaign evoked feelings of competition that are inherent in golf professionals and facility owners through the use of engaging call to actions on Facebook.

The main goal behind this campaign was to build brand awareness and position Lessontrax as a valuable tool on the market. The main conquest objective for the social strategy was the acquisition of 100 “fans” via the intrigue of a golf knowledge quiz. A secondary metric goal for the campaign was to reach 60,000 impressions.

Amongst the 1,267 views of the microsite, 238 participants were converted into fans through social connections on Facebook. The fan conversion rate for the “Golf Quiz” campaign concluded at a staggering 18.78% of people who visited the microsite. The results for this campaign more than doubled the intended goal of 100 fans with 267 fan acquisitions and 60,000 impressions. Not only did Blitzgear successfully obtain high numbers of data captures, but Lessontrax was able to generate positive brand awareness and engagement with new and existing fans.

Client: Lessontrax Scope of Work: Communication Design, Digital Advertising

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