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Petrel Data Systems


Petrel Data Systems is the technological vision of owner Michael Marich, an avid auto enthusiast and tuner who created an interactive application for mobile devices and tablets. His product enables car tuners to track their performance on the track combining video, gps and several meters.

Why the name Petrel? Our designers met with Michael and picked his brain about the product and a vision for the brand. The contrast of this product, a race/tuning culture and a Storm Petrel bird inspired our designers to create an identity that is sharp and fast. The freedom felt from a bird soaring in the sky inspired the colour palette and the technicality of the product led to a hand rendered identity involving an intricate grid. The attention to detail of this mark well represents the precise act of tuning cars.

Within the racing community, Petrel Data Systems has established its presence and its product is being used to help tuners reach their full driving potential.


Our relationship with Petrel Data Systems continues to grow as we designed and applied graphics to their unique, open-wheel race car.

“Motion expressed minimally,” “Edge,” & “Freedom” are the essences of the Petrel brand. The car was now a canvas for us to express the brand’s character. The use of horizontal lines and triangle-prominent logo give the car an edgy stance that, when in motion, captures attention and also tells a story.

Applying graphics on a car this uniquely shaped was challenging, yet fun. The finished piece looks clean and will definitely turn heads come the next track day.

Client: Petrel Data Systems Scope of Work: Vehicle Graphics Design & Execution

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