• Scion Khatsahlano 2015
  • Scion Khatsahlano 2015
  • Scion Khatsahlano 2015
  • Scion Khatsahlano 2015
  • Scion Khatsahlano 2015
  • Scion Khatsahlano 2015
  • Scion Khatsahlano 2015
  • Scion Khatsahlano 2015

Scion Khatsahlano 2015

On July 11, 2015, Scion gained the opportunity to partake in the 2015 Khatsahlano Music and Arts Festival. They gained the sponsorship title of “Friends of the Festival”, allowing them to sponsor the Longboard zone. With such large responsibilities, Scion requested Blitzgear’s assistance for the event activation and help in increasing brand presence.

The event took place along West 4th, from Burrard street all the way to MacDonald street.  Ultimately, this event attracted many different demographics: music enthusiasts, automotive enthusiasts, foodies and much more. Khatsahlano featured a bit of everything – from food trucks to live performances, this was the perfect place for Scion to increase their brand awareness.

 Scion set up a booth and vehicle display at the festival, allowing attendees to engage with the brand ambassadors and to also become familiar with Scion’s brand and product. This display not only provided attendees with the opportunity to get a first hand look and feel of the vehicles, but also acknowledge the brand as a supporter of Vancouver’s community.

 Brand ambassadors were responsible for conducting the “Cash in on Passion” contest, handing out promotional items and addressing any questions a person may have on the vehicles. Promotional items included headphones, frisbees and sunglasses. The brand ambassadors interacted with a total of 1,000 people and obtained 500 data captures. Through obtaining 50% of the people that brand ambassadors interacted with, this event can be considered very successful. Having promotional items on site were a big asset as it generated traffic to the booth and increased the amount of data captures. This proved to be a successful tactic in generating awareness for the brand. As a result, we handed out 150 frisbees, 150 sunglasses and all 200 headphones. After the event, it was evident that Blitzgear once again delivered a successful event activation. We were able to perfectly showcase Scion as a lifestyle brand who seeks to get involved within Vancouver’s community.

Client: Scion Scope of Work: Displays & Signage, Event Activation

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