Scion @ 2014 Khatsalano Music + Arts Festival

On July 12, 2014, Blitzgear helped Jim Pattison Scion entertain Vancouver’s biggest street block party with a flash mob at the Khatsalahno! Music + Arts Festival.

With over 100,000 attendees, West 4th Avenue was the busiest street in the city of Vancouver. The festival featured food vendors, booths, displays, and musicians, making the festival an ideal place for Blitzgear to build awareness for Jim Pattison Scion.

In order to achieve the marketing goals at Khatsalahno! Music + Arts Festival, the following was required:

  • A well thought out event strategy
  • Eye-catching promotional materials
  • A magnetizing public performance

Knowing this, Blitzgear provided Jim Pattison Scion with an exhilarating, youthful, and captivating dance crew to perform a flash mob and hand out Scion sunglasses right in the heart of West 4th Avenue.

The performance helped Jim Pattison Scion to continue building its brand presence in Vancouver, engage with event attendees, and hand out custom Scion-branded sunglasses and rack cards that featured the dealership’s current offers. In addition, the video of the flash mob, posted on Jim Pattison Scion’s social media pages, was viewed over 2,500 times in just a span of 24 hours.

After the festivities had completed, Blitzgear’s team was not only able to complete all tasks assigned, but more importantly, also build a unique event activation that helped Jim Pattison Scion to continue building a positive and lasting relationship with the local community.

Client: Scion - Jim Pattison Downtown Scope of Work: Event Activation

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