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The Vancouver Chinese Motorsport Club is a long standing automotive club of knowledgeable and passionate drivers. Their involvement in the community as well as their wide reaching automotive network allowed them to qualify for Scion’s multi-stage Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge. The challenge pitted Auto Clubs and Performance shops across Canada against each other in a friendly competition of wits, style, and more importantly, driving finesse. Each of the three competing teams were given a brand new Scion FR-S to modify in their own way; from engine to body work and anything in between.

Blitzgear was tasked with creating a vehicle graphic that embodied Team VCMC’s racing spirit while helping to promote the vehicle’s multiple sponsors in a visibly hierarchical manner. The project was a 3 part process starting with 1. Brand ID Design 2. Vehicle Graphic Design 3. Hierarchical Sponsor Placement.

The Brand: Team VCMC Identity
As a launching point, Blitzgear designed an identity logo and system that would clearly identify Team VCMC as VCMC’s competitive racing and performance division. The concept uses a stylized letter “V” in motion with an extended serif that covers 3 slanting slabs that represents VCMC’s 3 values: Precision, Smoothness and Control.

The Vehicle Graphic: Asymmetric V
Using the “V” in motion logo, a vehicle graphic was designed in an asymmetric fashion. The resulting vehicle graphic gave the FR-S a unique look and feel that remained consistent with the new brand system. The sharp angles gave the vehicle a racing look while the asymmetric design gave the viewer a different graphic at different angles. The unique application of the graphic gave the FR-S a changing visual as it passed by from different angles.

Sponsor Placement: Visual hierarchy
In order to properly give exposure and gratitude to the many sponsors, Blitzgear designed a sponsor logo placement designation to the different levels of sponsorship. Using size and the highly visible areas of the vehicle, major sponsors were placed first. Secondary sponsor logos were neatly grouped, sized and placed in a manner that would not take attention from the major sponsors but retain visibility, Tertiary sponsors were place in less visible areas of the vehicle symmetrically.

Client: Team VCMC - Scion Tuner Challenge Scope of Work: Vehicle Graphics Design & Execution

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