What We Do

Blitzgear is an Automotive Marketing Agency.

We promote companies, their products and their services through data collection and analysis; the creation of strategic marketing plans, the creative design of marketing tools, and execution both through traditional and new media channels.


Awareness, activations and conversions are the culmination of well-targeted MARKETING campaigns.

We believe that all successful businesses need to consistently innovate and market; these two principles need to exist as a partnership. Blitzgear has the ability to not only create but also execute marketing campaigns for our clients. We create campaigns with specific goals in mind, and use these as a basis for creating an account for the success and Return On Investment of the campaign; we believe that marketing should not be simply treated as an expense; it is an investment.


An ever-increasing selection of ADVERTISING mediums constantly compete for a company’s marketing budget.

While a marketing campaign can operate entirely on one medium, more often it runs on a combination of different mediums. Blitzgear helps our clients to select the right medium or combination of mediums to suit each of their campaigns to yield the best results for their budget.


Increase consumer interaction through attractive and engaging EVENT ACTIVATION + MANAGEMENT.

Events present a valuable opportunity; a face-to-face time with your potential customers. But the selections of scheduled events seem endless, and creating an event presents even more challenges. Simply displaying your wares at an event is hardly effective on its own. Blitzgear can take care of everything from the concept and planning, selection of venue, to staffing, activation and promotion. We can take care of it all.


Success begins and continues with a strong BRAND.

Creating a memorable brand is not just in the design of a logo; it begins with creating an identity. It is this identity that allows a company to create touchpoints that consistently communicates their corporate message. At Blitzgear, we don’t believe in blind luck, we use a well-developed process to create a brand that not only communicates the message, but one that can adapt to different mediums.


Effective communication through CREATIVE DESIGN is an essential part of any successful marketing campaign.

Ever see an advertisement and then wonder what they are trying to sell? Sometimes artists get caught up in making designs that are attractive pay less attention to what the message or call to action needs to be communicated. Blitzgear has a design team that uses a proven design process to create captivating designs that communicates the message. Communicate the message. That is the first and foremost goal of our designs.


WEB DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT are key components in reaching many of today’s consumers.

Many companies have been spending a good amount of money on creating a website; then once launched remain relatively unchanged. This can quickly make a website dated and more importantly ineffective. With Blitzgear, we start by analyzing the goals, and then strategize how we can meet and exceed them. Next we develop the website, and provide content if necessary. Following that we look and items such as Search Engine Optimization and social media to give your online presence increased visibility. Finally we can maintain, continue to create content, and drive traffic to it.

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ONLINE MARKETING utilizes the Internet to deliver marketing messages to attract targeted customers.

The World Wide Web continues to evolve and as such an organization’s online marketing requires constant analysis and modification to ensure its effectiveness. Advertising online presents many challenges such as: what website to advertise on, how long to advertise for, to the all-important question of how to tailor an advertisement to deliver a marketing message effectively to obtain the desired call to action. Blitzgear can help an organization through these challenges and questions, to provide result oriented, online marketing campaigns. We can also help bridge online marketing, email marketing and forms of traditional marketing together seamlessly.


EMAIL MARKETING is an essential tool used to directly communicate a message.

Email marketing is often used to encourage customer loyalty, promote special incentives, promote events and introduce new product offerings. It can also be used strategically to acquire new consumers. Blitzgear can create and manage a businesses email marketing as well as their email database. Through our knowledge, experience and partnerships we can create and send messages with a measurable return on investment.


Being actively engaged in SOCIAL MEDIA is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

Social Media offers consumers new and meaningful ways to engage with brands, products, services, events and people. These consumers can become loyal customers and also effective advocates for your company. Blitzgear can create and deliver strategically derived content, customized platforms and online reputation management to increase visibility and engagement.

“People continue to spend more time of social networks than any other category of sites – 20% of their time of personal computers and 30% of their mobile time.” – Nielsen | Social Media Report 2012


Quality + Variable PRINT SERVICES are necessary to effectively portray any organization and its products or services.

Along with the continual rise of targeted versus the more traditional shotgun approach to marketing, there has been great improvements in digital print technologies. Phrases like “Print on Demand” and “Variable Data Printing” are becoming much more common.

Blitzgear has several digital presses to suit our clients demands; from production digital presses to create vivid business card, brochures and other marketing materials, to large format presses to print portable banners and direct print to rigid substrates such as acrylics and plastics. We also have an array of other print technologies that allow us to imprint to fabrics such as shirts, and create vehicle graphics schemes for cars and trucks.

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Why Choose Blitzgear?

We know that you and your organization have many options in the disbursement of your marketing budget. Please consider us.


We love what we do! We love to celebrate the success of our clients.


Our creativity is not just limited to our design work; it permeates through all aspects of our business in order to provide you with great ideas and marketing strategies.


Technology is not only ever-changing, it evolves at an extremely fast pace. We not only research to stay abreast with technology, we embrace it. We constantly research technology and how we can apply it in a marketing perspective.


We began in the late nineties as an ecommerce web development company, and through the years morphed into a vertically integrated marketing, design and print company.


Our skilled team members not only specialize in their respective fields but are challenged to train in other disciplines.


We care about our client’s ongoing success. We also care about our community both locally and globally.

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